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World Languages

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The World Language program here at EDMS provides students the opportunity to develop proficiency in either Spanish or French while earning credits towards their high school diploma. This academic elective is both fun and rigorous. We focus on communication, culture, and connections within the language. With interpersonal and presentational skills at its heart, we also work to create well rounded learners, and put a strong emphasis on interpretive skills and necessary grammar in the language. We here at Davis strongly believe culture is essential to language learning, and we work hard to increase the learner’s cultural awareness of the target languages through thematic units and cultural projects.

Successful students will exit the course having received 1 high school credit, and having raised their proficiency in the language an entire level on the ACTFL scale.

Elizabeth Davis Middle school offers 3 years of the world language of their choice. Students must meet high school expectations when completing this course in order to receive credit and move on to the subsequent level. Both Spanish and French teach the same 6 units per level of language. Each successive year builds upon the one before leading those students who continue their studies on into high school to be able to fluently communicate in the chosen language. Students can leave middle school with 3 high school credits (1 for each year successfully completed) if they start in 6th grade.


Ariel Murken, French ‒ Ariel_Graham@ccpsnet.net
Alma Romero, Spanish ‒ Alma_Romero@ccpsnet.net
Patricia Stocks, Spanish ‒ Patricia_Stocks@ccpsnet.net
Sherry Martz, Spanish & Department Chair ‒ Sherry_Martz@ccpsnet.net