The teachers on the Evergreen Kindergarten team have over 100 hundred years of early childhood teaching experience among them and work together as a team to plan and meet each child’s needs. Each year brings excitement as new students are welcomed into their classrooms and begin their journey of becoming lifelong learners. The goal of the Kindergarten team is to provide your child a safe, nurturing, learning environment where he/she can maximize his/her highest potential.

The Kindergarten year is the first year of your child’s formal education and builds the foundation for good learning skills that will enable them to meet with success throughout their lives. This journey begins with developing listening skills, the ability to follow directions, working with others cooperatively as well as becoming self-confident in using their own abilities to complete tasks independently. Your child will be engaged in learning activities in reading, writing, phonemic awareness, math, science and social studies.

Kindergarten children learn best by utilizing their senses. The lessons in all subject areas are taught using a kinesthetic approach. Your child will sing and dance his/her way through many of the Virginia State Standards of Learning.

Language Arts

Reading and writing go hand in hand and are promoted through a balanced literacy model. Your child’s language arts education will be one in which he/she will be immersed in letters, sounds/phonemic awareness, words, sentences, stories, poems and concept of print activities.


Math skills will be developed and expanded through the use of manipulatives. Using these concrete materials your child will be able to transfer his/her knowledge to more abstract tasks.

Science and Social Studies

In Science and Social Studies your child will learn about and explore the world around him/her by engaging in a variety of age appropriate activities.

Your child will enjoy a full and exciting Kindergarten year. He/she will be involved in new and interesting tasks that will guide them on their journey to becoming lifelong learners. The kindergarten team looks forward to being a partner with you as your child begins his/her public school education!

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