Resource Classes

Your child will have 45 minutes of art each week.  Kindergartners and first graders start with the basics of art while upper elementary students are exposed to more in-depth techniques and concepts.  All students work with color, texture and form using a variety of materials.Please make sure your child has an art shirt on his/her scheduled art day.

Here are some educational art websites:

  • Mr.PicassoHead – online design and drawing, includes gallery
  • NGA Kids ArtZone – National Gallery of Art interactive art activities
  • MOMA Kids Wing – fun activities from the Museum of Web Art
  • Destination: Modern Art – from the Museum of Modern Art
  • ArtEdventures – for primary and intermediate grades
  • SmART Kids – from the Smart Museum of Art, University of Chicago; for students ages 7-12 to discover ways to look at, think about, and respond creatively to art

Music for kindergarten through grade five introduces basic music concepts through singing, playing instruments, moving, and listening. Students will gradually develop their singing voices, a repertoire of songs, and a sense of rhythm beginning with the steady beat and continuing toward complex rhythms and meters. Movement experiences are included as a means of demonstrating an understanding of concepts such as pitch, rhythm, and form. Listening experiences include traditional and contemporary classical works, American folk music, and music of other cultures. Through these experiences, students will have the opportunity to demonstrate and apply an understanding of music concepts

Physical Education

The purpose of physical education is to help students acquire the knowledge, processes, skills, and confidence needed to engage in meaningful physical activity both in the present and for a lifetime. The practice of leading a physically active lifestyle will bring about personal enjoyment, challenge, satisfaction, and a health-enhancing level of personal fitness.

As a result of physical education instruction, the student will be able to do the following:
Demonstrate competence in motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities.
Apply movement principles and concepts to learning and developing motor skills and specialized movement forms.
Achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of personal fitness.

Demonstrate responsible personal and social behaviors in physical activity settings.

Demonstrate a physically active lifestyle, including activity within and outside of the physical education setting.

STEAM resource at Enon is led by Mrs. Rice and is for students in grades K-5. This program allows students to create, design, build, discover, and work together while using science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. Students will visit the STEAM lab once a week for instruction. Students will approach various tasks through problem based learning while engaging in critical thinking. Tasks will strengthen material taught in the classroom and will be enriched using materials in the lab as well as coding and a Makerspace.