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The art curriculum is based on the Virginia Standards of Learning for Art K-5. They are sequentially aligned with the developmental ability of elementary students. Children sharpen their fine motor skills handling various media and tools. They work with two dimensional and three dimensional materials.

Students progress from identifying simple shapes to creating them and combining them to produce objects and animals. As they mature, they learn how to add details, make textures, incorporate backgrounds, and create a sense of depth in their work. When working with 3-D media, students learn about simple forms. They learn how to sculpt and combine objects into more complex works of art using more advanced materials and techniques. Art projects encourage collaboration, individual expression, creative solutions, twenty-first century thinking and communication skills.

In addition, we also reinforce the core academic SOL’s by creating art projects with grade level units of study in mind.

Please visit our student web gallery at www.artsonia.com.

Music is life! Music is woven into the fabric of our culture and society in many different ways, and in Music Resource, students discover these connections in a variety of ways.

Students sing, dance, play musical instruments, create and perform their own compositions, explore the ways music influences today’s society and the impact music had on cultures of the past. They learn connections between what they hear on the radio today and the origins of that sound throughout history. They learn that what they whistle, tap their feet to, rap along with, and write down on paper have names and distinctions from one culture to another, and the learn how to express themselves creatively with music.

Students follow a comprehensive curriculum as set forth by Chesterfield County Public Schools, one that correlates to state and national SOLs for music.

But most of all, students learn to understand and appreciate the music of the world around them, and those who create, perform, and preserve it.

Welcome to Physical Education, P.E., Gym at Elizabeth Scott Elementary. I hope this is a wonderful learning experience for your child.

The program is based on teaching of skills and games while covering the state’s SOL’s for Physical Education. Class meets once a week for 45 minutes. Please make sure your child wears athletic type tennis shoes for class. Girls with dresses should wear shorts underneath.

Your child will be introduced to many new games and sports. It is hoped that every child here at Scott leaves our school with at least one activity he/she has learned in Physical Education class that they love and want to continue to learn at a higher level.


Each week students will receive 45 minutes of Spanish instruction. The Chesterfield Elementary World Language curriculum is based on each elementary grade level’s SOLs for math, science and social studies. Spanish will be reinforcing the information that students are learning in their main classroom, only it will be in Spanish! There are thematic units that are covered throughout the year – for example “My Family”, “Animal Habitats”, “The Ocean” to name a few. During each unit students will learn new vocabulary and concepts.

In addition, students will receive an introduction to other cultures from around the world. All of this will be done by using a fun variety of activities such as music, games, drama, art, and story-telling. Goals for students to acquire new language skills, learn an appreciation and love of people and cultures different from themselves, and reinforce information taught in their main classroom – all while having fun!

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