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Volunteering in Chesterfield County Public Schools

Thank you in your interest to volunteer within our school system. Here you will find several links associated with volunteering: the application (English & Spanish) and virtual volunteer. Please read the important notes before applying to help expedite your application in a timely manner.


  • *Please fill out the information page with accuracy; as per your license/ID
  • *Any alternate spellings of names (ex: Vickie for Victoria) and inaccurate date of births will not be accepted; the visitor management can’t accurately create a profile causing signing in issues. Any applications filled out incorrectly will be rejected.
  • *Normal processing of applications takes 2-4 weeks; this can increase to 6-8 when there is a high volume. Please be patient; submitting an alternate application will not speed up the process.
  • *Applications entered the day before or day of field trips will not be processed
  • *Approval/denial emails will be sent to the email address provided on the application; it is a generated email so may go into your spam file. Schools also have the lists of volunteers including status.
  • *Virtual Volunteer: you will get an email with log in information for you virtual volunteer account. This can be useful in managing the schools you wish to volunteer in, keeping track of volunteer hours, etc.
  • *Approved applications are valid for 2 years; an email will be sent 30 days prior to the expiration date.


Who is REQUIRED to fill out the application?

  • *Field trip chaperones
  • *Sports/Club advisers (non CPPS Employees)
  • *Mentor Groups (Boys to Men, Watch DOGS, etc)
  • *Anyone who will be working with students unsupervised by a school employee

Who is NOT REQUIRED to fill out the application?

  • *Lunch visits
  • *Library/office helpers
  • *College students needing to be in classrooms for their programs
  • *Anyone 18 & under
  • *If you are only looking to help in the classroom: room parent, class parties etc; supervised by a school employee

CCPS Employees….

  • *Please fill out the form to be able to sign in at schools for field trips, etc (employees are not encouraged to sign in as faculty); once it is filled out send an email to our office.
  • *The disclaimer should be signed by the person whom the application is for.
  • *Please read the disclaimer carefully regarding what does not qualify for eligibility to be a volunteer.
  • *If you have any infractions to share (misdemeanors or felonies), please fill out the form – the link can be found near the bottom of the page. Choosing to skip this part will delay the processing of your application.
  • *If you have a felony that does not fall under category 4 in the disclaimer, we will need the letter stating that your rights have been restored in order to complete the process of your application. This can be emailed to our office for your convenience.

Contact Information

Office Phone: 804-639-7089
Email: [email protected]

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