Don’t underestimate the importance of having fun participating in school activities. Some of the best times and memories students have are the experiences of belonging to a club or participating in an after school activity. Clubs and activities are important to join just for the enjoyment that they will bring to most students, but they also allow the students to more easily make friends because the groups are small and they get to be themselves!

Clubs and activities provide students with many positive experiences that help them to become well-rounded individuals who are ready for college or the workplace. It helps students to become active in their school and to feel a connection the school and to others. It provides a sense of pride and school spirit and it is a positive influence on our youth today.

There is something for everyone! Get involved!

The 580 Club is a club for students in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade who score a 580 or more on their Standards of Learning (SOL) test. These students are our school’s academic superstars. Thank you for your extraordinary academic accomplishments. You put the “extra” in extraordinary and rocked your SOL test. We are so proud of your success. Keep up the fantastic work.

A.I.M is an acronym for Advancing Imaginative Minds. It is an exciting after school program where students get extra academic support and enrichment opportunities.

The members of the Ambassador Club are composed of two classroom students selected by their homeroom teacher to be an ambassador. These students exhibit the core values.

It’s always hard moving into a new town, let alone a new school, but the Classroom Ambassadors are here to help. Our welcoming committee will show you around the school, introduce you to teachers and the administration, share important events, answer your questions and even get you in touch with other new friends. This club will meet once a month for training and updates about their very important job.

The Ettrick Energizers mission is to help children develop the love of everyday habits which include physical exercise and healthy eating. These students also participate in fund raisers events for charities such as the Leukemia Walk and Jump Rope for Heart.

7 Healthy Habits of the Ettrick Energizers

  1. Exercise for an hour a day
  2. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein
  3. Drink water or low fat milk
  4. Watch your portion size
  5. Say No to unhealthy foods
  6. Help organize charity events
  7. Have fun!!

The Yearbook Club has the primary goal of publishing a chronicle of the school year by producing Ettrick’s yearbook. The Yearbook Staff is responsible for developing a yearbook theme, layout of the yearbook, photo content and composition, headlines and captions. Involvement in the Yearbook Club offers the opportunity to gain life skills, assume responsibilities and have great fun all at the same time.

The students in the year book club are nominated by their 4th and 5th grade teachers based on academic achievement, leadership abilities, creativity and work ethic.

Large group of kids and parents holding down a rainbow balloon tarp out on the school lawn.
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