Teacher of the Year
Portrait of Megan Parrish

Congratulations Megan Parrish, 2023 Teacher of the Year

Megan Parrish is truly the most dedicated, resilient, passionate and compassionate teacher at Ettrick. She serves a classroom of students whose learning, behavior and social needs and challenges are diverse and unpredictable on a daily basis. However, these challenges never divert her willingness to show up and give her students 100% of her best! Megan is incredibly loving, taking the time to know her students as individuals and bring out the best in each one despite their personal challenges. Her colleagues admire her strength, and the parents of her students admire her persistence and drive to see their students succeed.

Portrait of Terrell Walker

Congratulations Terrell Walker, 2022-2023 Teacher of the Year

Terrell Walker is the teacher every student dreams of having. He brings his lessons to life with his animated readings and relevant connections in all subjects. Mr. Walker doesn’t shy away from welcoming some of the most challenging students into his classroom, and by the end of the year those challenging students have become positive role models and leaders for their classmates. Mr. Walker establishes positive relationships with students and their families from day one and sustains that connection throughout the year. Mr. Walker truly makes a difference in the lives of each child who enters his classroom.

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