What are attendance expectations in Chesterfield County Public Schools?

School attendance is vital to academic achievement. Every day counts! Chesterfield County Public Schools expects students to be in school at least 95 percent of the time. During a 180-day school year, that means students should miss no more than nine days.

Don’t let your child miss out

Starting in kindergarten, excessive absences can cause children to fall behind and make it harder to learn to read. Satisfactory attendance will help children do well in high school and college and at work. Poor attendance in elementary school is a strong predictor for being a school dropout. Did you know that high school graduates:

  • live longer?
  • are less likely to be teen parents?
  • earn more annually than dropouts?
  • are less likely to commit crimes?
  • are less likely to rely on welfare programs?

Make school attendance a priority

Send your children to school every day unless they are sick. This forms the habit of regular attendance and shows that school is important to your family.
Avoid arriving late and leaving early. Create morning and night routines for school days and stick to them. Set out clothes and backpack at night. Have a regular bedtime and wake-up time. If you are worried about your child’s physical health, consider a physical exam. If you need health insurance, call 717-6975 to apply for Medicaid or FAMIS. Monitor your child’s emotional health. Look for signs of bullying or stress. Contact a teacher, counselor or principal for assistance. Your child’s school can offer more information, as can the school system’s Parent-Teacher Resource Center (639-8699).

Every Day Counts

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