School Board Advisory Committees

Chesterfield County School Board seeks members for advisory committees

Community is the foundation of Chesterfield County Public Schools.

Advisory committees established by the Chesterfield County School Board are one way that community members connect with their local schools. Advisory committee members are appointed from each of the county’s five magisterial districts and include parents, teachers, staff members, students and other community members interested in helping Chesterfield County Public Schools achieve its vision of creating a better tomorrow.

There are six advisory committees:

  • Audit and Finance Committee
  • Career and Technical Education
  • Citizens Budget Advisory Committee
  • Gifted Education Advisory Committee
  • Special Education Advisory Committee
  • Student Health Advisory Board

People interested in serving on an advisory committee are encouraged to apply by filling out the online application. Committee members begin their terms at the start of the school year.

Advisory committee meetings are open to the public. Each advisory committee has a designated School Board member who attends meetings,  then reports to the full School Board. For more information about the committee process, contact School Board Clerk Rob McDaniel at

Current Openings

The School Board are currently seeking applicants for the following advisory committee seats:

– Special Education Advisory Committee: Clover Hill and Matoaca Districts


– Applicants must reside in the magisterial district of the seat to which they are applying.

– Special Education Advisory Committee applicants must have a student currently receiving special education services.

Audit and Finance Committee

Understanding local School Boards are delegated the authority to operate, maintain and supervise public schools, the Chesterfield County School Board has created an Audit and Finance Committee to assist in its oversight responsibilities for budgeting, financial reporting, internal controls systems and audit processes.
The School Board’s Audit and Finance Committee’s responsibilities include:
  • Participating in training/review activities related to Chesterfield County Public Schools’ strategic plan, financial policies and budget process to have a better understanding of the school division’s priorities, historical expenditures, staffing and performance data, and projected revenue and expenditure activity.
  • Receiving reports from school division management and the Internal Auditor regarding internal control processes and recommended changes to policies and procedures, recommending additional internal control processes as appropriate, and reporting to the School Board on significant results of the foregoing activities.
  • Reviewing the Superintendent’s proposed budget, including projected revenue and expenditure activity, and providing recommendations on options to compensate for variances.
  • Initiating, upon the School Board’s request, any study on specific topics or issues. The committee also may suggest topics or issues to address, with the concurrence of the School Board.

Career and Technical Education Advisory Committee

The Career and Technical Education Advisory Committee serves an important role in providing input and supporting career development initiatives. Members contribute to the continuous improvement of Career and Technical Education development in Chesterfield County Public Schools by reviewing curriculum, providing input and supporting budget priorities and recommending workforce development initiatives. The CTE advisory committee collaborates with the school board, superintendent, administrative staff,  consumers and parents to promote Career and Technical Education as preparation for transitioning students to the workplace for continuous learning. Members are invited to attend CTE related conferences throughout the year.

Citizens Budget Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Citizens Budget Advisory Committee is to assist the Superintendent and School Board in the evaluation and allocation of resources in accordance with our Design for Excellence 2020 to ensure a high quality, effective and efficient school division.

The work of the committee includes viewing the school system’s budget process, reviewing the historical expenditure, staffing and performance data to report on whether resource allocations further School Board priorities, working with staff during development of the budget to advise the Superintendent and Board on resource allocations relative to alignment with strategic goals; and reviewing projected revenue and expenditure activity and providing advice on options to compensate for variances.

Gifted Education Advisory Committee

The Gifted Education Advisory Committee is a VDOE recommended committee which includes of parents, school administrators, counselors, teachers, school psychologists, Gifted Education Department staff and community members. A designated School Board member attends Committee meetings to obtain key information related to Gifted Services within the school division and to offer valuable input from a School Board perspective throughout the year.

The main purpose of the GEAC is to monitor and discuss Gifted Education Program Services in relation to current state regulations and the School Board approved local Plan for the Education of the Gifted. The GEAC provides a venue for Committee members to engage in open discussion of critical issues related to Gifted Education and formulate recommendations that support important focus areas related to Gifted Education Program Services within our school division. The GEAC is committed to promoting reflective practices that encourage open discussion and continuous improvement. Each year the GEAC provides an Annual Report to the Superintendent and School Board that enables stakeholders to monitor progress, review accomplishments, address challenges and target future focus areas related to Gifted Education Program Services in CCPS.

Special Education Advisory Committee

The Special Education Advisory Committee is composed of parents, professionals and others appointed by the School Board for three year terms.

The functions of this committee are:

  • Provide advice concerning unmet needs in the education of students with disabilities in Chesterfield County Public Schools;
  • Assist CCPS in the formulation and development of long-range plans, which will provide services needed for students with disabilities in Chesterfield County Public Schools and the community;
  • Participate in the development of priorities and strategies for meeting the identified needs of students with disabilities;
  • Submit an annual report with recommendations regarding the education of students with disabilities to the School Board through the Superintendent;
  • Assist in interpreting plans to the community, plans for meeting the needs of students with disabilities for educational services; and
  • Review annually the updated Annual Special Education Plan and Application for the Federal Flow-Through Funds prior to submission by the Superintendent to the School Board.

School Health Advisory Board

The purpose of the School Health Advisory Board is to assist the Chesterfield County School Board with the development of health policy in the school division and the evaluation of the status of school health, health education, the school environment and health services. Major roles may include the following:

  • Assist in the development and review of school health policies and procedures within the school division.
  • Provide position papers and presentations on issues affecting the initiation and delivery of school division programs related to student health.
  • Review and comment upon specific health components of the school division’s budget.
  • Prepare special reports and initiate investigations relevant to school health matters.
  • Bring concerns and recommendations to the school board on school health issues.
  • Provide a forum for Board members on current school health activities and programs.


The purpose of the ESAC is to review, evaluate and make recommendations with regard to current and best practice efforts to sustain and enhance the quality of life as directly tied to school operations and facilities, as well as general public awareness. The School Board may request that the ESAC review, but not be limited to, topics such as environmental quality, environmental sustainability, energy, local sourcing of food, and reduction of food waste. The recommendations of the ESAC will be submitted in writing directly to the School Board and the superintendent. Recommendations may be forwarded to the Citizens Budget Advisory Committee for further consideration if a recommendation has a fiscal impact.