Family Update – Oct. 1, 2020

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Email highlights

  • Cohort No. 2 was approved to return to in-person learning starting on Oct. 12.
  • Third-grade students were moved into Cohort No. 2 and are eligible to return to in-person learning starting on Oct. 12. (Cohort No. 2 now includes students in prekindergarten through third grade.)
  • High school students attending the Career and Technical Centers were moved to Cohort No. 3.
  • Cohort No. 2 will return via a hybrid model, with one group of students reporting Monday/Tuesday and the second group reporting Thursday/Friday. 
  • While Cohort No. 2 moves into a hybrid model, students in Cohort Nos. 3 and 4 continue with virtual learning five days a week.
  • On Oct. 12, all schools go back to their normal starting time. This includes all cohorts and all virtual learners. See Slides 35-36 for more information.
  • Potential timeline for return of Cohort Nos. 3 and 4 to in-person instruction, pending Health Committee review.
  • Face covering/mask requirement for all students and staff members.
  • Transportation update

Team Chesterfield families and staff members,

Our second cohort of Project Restart students is now eligible to return to in-person instruction starting Oct. 12!

That decision was made earlier this week by the School Board, after the Public Health Committee reported health metrics being used to guide the phased-in return of students to in-person instruction continue to be favorable. The School Board also approved the inclusion of third-grade students in Cohort No. 2. This cohort now includes all students in prekindergarten through third grade.

Cohort No. 2 will return in a hybrid model, as will future cohorts. Some students will attend Monday/Tuesday; others will attend Thursday/Friday. Wednesday will be a cleaning day in between in-person groups, with students connecting online via Morning Meeting (elementary) or Advisory Period (secondary) and then working primarily asynchronously the rest of the school day. More details can be found here.

Important to know about this week’s decision

  • Tuesday’s presentation: The entire presentation given to the School Board is available here.
  • Career and Technical Center students: These high school students, who originally were in Cohort No. 2, have been moved to Cohort No. 3 to better align with guidance from the Virginia Department of Health and the Virginia Department of Education.
  • Normal school operating times: As we reintroduce Cohort No. 2 to in-person instruction, Chesterfield County schools and cohorts of students will return to their normal start times. (The daily schedule is modified for virtual learners.)
  • Learning opportunities: This hybrid learning chart breaks down in-person, virtual and asynchronous learning opportunities for elementary and secondary students as students begin to return to in-person instruction in a hybrid model.
  • A look at what your child’s school will look like: Click here for a video look at what our schools will look like when students return for face-to-face instruction.

Potential timeline for return of Cohort Nos. 3 and 4

The School Board meets again on Oct. 13. During its work session that day, the Board will receive another update from the Public Health Committee. If the report on community health metrics is favorable again, the Board will be able to consider the potential inclusion of Cohort No. 3 for in-person learning. Cohort No. 3 includes students in grades 4-5.

Face coverings and masks

Face coverings/masks will be required for all students and staff in schools and on school buses, and each school will take steps to monitor expectations associated with social distancing guidelines.

Students who are unable to wear a face covering/mask for health or other reasons must have a doctor complete an Individualized Healthcare Plan form. This form can be located here.  Accommodations will be made for a student with a health plan. If this form or a comparable letter from the student’s licensed healthcare provider is not on file, a student will be expected to wear a face covering/mask during the school day.

The wearing of face coverings/masks will be enforced while in school and on a bus.


Social distancing guidelines will reduce capacity on buses by nearly 50 percent for secondary students and 66 percent for elementary students. As a result, we are developing planned second waves of arrivals/dismissals, as some buses will need to do multiple routes for a single school.

Students may ride the bus to school this year. However, we encourage families who are able to assist us with transportation during this time. If a family is able to transport their child to and from school, it would be appreciated and would help support reducing bus ridership numbers and social distancing guidelines.

Please let us know how your child plans to get to and from school by updating the transportation section in your ParentVUE account.

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