Family Update – Oct. 8, 2020

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Today’s email highlights

  • Operational flexibilities approved
  • Face coverings and masks
  • Daily student health assessment
  • Quarantining after international travel 

Team Chesterfield families:

The School Board and I are excited to welcome back students in Cohort No. 2! Our outstanding educators have missed working with our youngest students and cannot wait for many of them to return to in-person learning next week.

We also are hopeful that local and regional health metrics being monitored by the Public Health Committee will remain favorable, allowing the School Board to move forward with returning additional students to face-to-face instruction later this month. The School Board meets on Oct. 13, and could be in a position to consider the potential inclusion of Cohort No. 3 for in-person learning. Cohort No. 3 includes students in grades 4-5 and high school students participating in classes at the Career and Technical Centers.

As we implement our Project Restart student re-entry plan, we continue to work with local health and risk management officials on enhancements that will keep our students safe while providing more operational flexibility. These conversations have included these possibilities: allowing students to eat lunch in the cafeteria with appropriate social distancing in place; allowing one elementary school class at a time to use the playground with appropriate disinfecting after; and allowing students to participate in band, chorus and theater programs with specific guidance for social distancing for these activities defined.

Principals have been given the autonomy to address these operational updates when and if able and to move at the speed that is appropriate for the school. Read more about the possibilities here.

REMINDER: Face coverings and masks

Face coverings/masks will be required for all students and staff in schools and on school buses, and each school will take steps to monitor expectations associated with social distancing guidelines.

Students who are unable to wear a face covering/mask for health or other reasons must have a doctor complete an Individualized Healthcare Plan form. This form can be located here.  Accommodations will be made for a student with a health plan. If this form or a comparable letter from the student’s licensed healthcare provider is not on file, a student will be expected to wear a face covering/mask during the school day.

The wearing of face coverings/masks will be enforced while in school and on a bus.

REMINDER: Daily student health assessment

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the risk of exposure to other students and staff members, Chesterfield County Public Schools asks families to make sure that students perform a daily self-assessment of their health before leaving for school. (The form DOES NOT need to be returned to your child’s school.)

Students must not go to school if they are sick or answer yes to any of the questions on the attached document. Parents should seek guidance from their child’s health provider if the student answers yes to two or more questions or has a temperature of 100.4 degrees F or higher.

By reporting to their school, a student is attesting that they have answered NO to the questions listed on the self-assessment. (As a condition of their employment, school division staff members are required to conduct the same self-assessment.)

UPDATE: Quarantining after international travel

Based on guidance received by the school division, students and staff members will be required to quarantine for 14 days after they return from international travel. More information about travel guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention can be found here.


Thank you for your continued partnership with and support of Chesterfield County Public Schools!

Dr. Merv Daugherty

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