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Fourth Grade
Language Arts

Fourth grade students will read a variety of fiction and nonfiction literature and will apply various reading comprehension strategies to enhance understanding in all content areas.  Students will continue to increase communication skills in large and small group settings.  In addition, students will plan, draft, revise, and edit narratives and explanations and will routinely use information resources and word references while writing.  All aspects of literacy will be taught through a balanced literacy framework for instruction, enabling all students to become independent and strategic readers, writers, thinkers, and communicators.  Students will also be involved in Word Study throughout the year where they will be working on their developmental level.


Fourth grade mathematics provides students with many opportunities to engage in experiences involving problem solving, data collection and analysis, and algebraic thinking.  Major topics included are decimals, fractions, graphing, double-digit multiplication, division, measurement, probability, and geometry.  Fourth graders strive to become fluent in their multiplication facts (0-12).

Students who meet certain academic benchmarks will be placed in an accelerated math class.  All fourth grade and most fifth grade Virginia Mathematics Standards of Learning are included in this course.


Fourth grade units include the scientific method, weather, electricity, force and motion, the solar system, Earth, Moon, and Sun patterns, plants, and ecosystems. The importance of natural resources in Virginia is emphasized. We have a hands-on science curriculum with emphasis on thinking like a scientist throughout the year using scientific investigation.

Social Studies

The standards for Virginia Studies allow students to develop a greater understanding of Virginia’s rich history, from the cultures of its native peoples and the founding of Jamestown to the present. Geographic, economic, and civic concepts are presented within this historical context.  Students will develop the skills needed to analyze, interpret, and demonstrate knowledge of important events and ideas in our history, and will understand the contributions made by people of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.