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Classroom full of students sitting on the floor.

The visual arts program expands a student’s education in a way no other area of education touches on. The visual arts offer students the opportunity to explore works of art for understanding and to use a variety of materials for self expression.

Students are taught to be self-directed learners and to assess their own work. The objectives in an art lesson or project are to challenge, gain skill and increase knowledge. Each grade level is designed to build on knowledge gained in previous years. Students learn the elements of art and the principals of design. Students learn the language of art and how to be an art critic. Along the way students are continually guided to see the connection between time, place and people.

Teacher: Tammy King

The goal of music education is to use music as a source of personal enrichment and a way to express human emotions.  The Virginia Standards of Learning for music are organized with four related strands which include performing, creating, investigating and connecting with and through music.

Music class at Falling Creek Elementary will be a musical journey in which your child will enjoy the excitement of making music.  The core ingredients of the classes will include the musical elements of rhythm, movement and melody.  There will be a non-threatening atmosphere of play, which will encourage the child to take risks in experimenting with his own musical ideas.

At each different level students will be singing a broad repertoire of songs and playing instruments.  They will learn how to read and notate music using traditional notation, develop listening skills including music from around the world, employ creativity in a variety of musical experiences, and respond to music with movement.  All students will use rhythm instruments, Orff percussion instruments and their voices to express themselves.  Third, fourth and fifth grades will have the opportunity for instruction on the recorder and the guitar.

Teacher: Holly Warner

Physical Education is a fun, safe and active environment for students to participate in meaningful activities.  With instructional direction, students will acquire the knowledge, developmental skills, and confidence to perform a variety of movement patterns and activities.  It is with this knowledge, practice, and skill set that self-confidence grows along with personal satisfaction and enjoyment for physical activity.  As a result, students are more likely to become more involved in physical activities in and out of their educational setting today and in their future.

The childhood obesity epidemic in America is a national health crisis.  This is why Falling Creek partners with the American Heart Association each spring to have our youth become more aware of obesity, heart disease and the importance of proper diet and exercise to improve overall health.  Along with the PTA, the Physical Education Department also hosts a “Fitness Night” each fall to get the community involved and to take part in being active with their children.

Physical Education is a vital part of Falling Creek’s curriculum.  Through activity and play, the students not only have a way to be active but also have an opportunity to interact with their classmates in a way they can’t in the classroom.  Welcome again to a great school and please come visit the Physical Education Department!

Teacher:  Mark Erickson

Falling Creek Elementary is dedicated to providing our students with technology opportunities to prepare them for the ever-changing digital world.

Students in grades PreK – 5 have computer instruction once each week for 45 minutes. During this time, students develop skills in the areas of word processing, spreadsheets, database, Internet research and multimedia writing. Students also learn Internet Safety. These lessons focus on teaching students how to use the Internet as a valuable tool while staying safe.