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Second Grade
Three students laying on the floor reading together.

Although every child is unique and has his or her own developmental timetable, second graders share many characteristics. Making friends begins to be very important for this age group, even though they may change “best” friends often. Their sense of humor develops and they like to hear and tell jokes. Second graders’ vocabularies are growing and they love to talk!

Second Grade is a transitional year at school. Students are solidifying all of the basic skills they have learned and are preparing to apply these skills to the increased demands of third grade. They are developing a longer attention span, but still need concrete, hands-on experiences to learn.

Teaching Team:  Naomi Cheda, Sydney Clark, Kathy Clements, Angela Gossage, Tiffany House, Shannon O’Brian, Kelly Parker, Rachel Ratner
Language Arts

Falling Creek Elementary follows the CCPS Balanced Literacy Framework.  This framework gives children a daily balanced “diet” for reading and writing.  The framework includes:

  • Reading Workshop for developing comprehension strategies and vocabulary
  • Writing Workshop for grammar, composition and handwriting
  • Word Study for phonics and spelling
  • Small Group Time is used to give each child support in reading and writing at his or her own level

Second Graders continue to use a Conceptual Math format.   Hands-on activities and mental math strategies are stressed.  Developing number sense is our goal.  Teachers meet with small groups often to support and assess each student’s growth.


The science curriculum encourages our students’ natural curiosity about the world.  Second Graders will use real life objects to explore the properties of magnets.  They will learn about the states of matter: solid, liquid, and gas.  The students will use their observation skills to notice the changes during the seasons and during the life cycle of several plants and animals.  In essence, they will begin to “think like a scientist.”

Social Studies

Becoming an active and knowledgeable citizen is the goal of our Social Studies program.  Students will practice the traits of a good citizen in their classroom community.  They will learn about the contributions of famous Americans including Presidents Washington and Lincoln, United States justice of the Supreme Court Thurgood Marshall, and civil rights advocate Rosa Parks.  Second graders will compare the lives and contributions of three American Indian Cultures.

Second grade is a busy year and children will be changing physically, intellectually and socially.  During this time of transition, seven and eight year olds can become more sensitive.   Support from teachers and parents can assure students of their ability and help them have a successful year!