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Principal’s Message

Welcome to the website of Falling Creek Elementary School, where we work from the mantra “We are a team, not a Group.” Here education is a team effort and our faculty and staff are committed to academic excellence and the success of every student. Our diverse learning environment promotes a school culture that creates a vibrant and varied extra curricula and solid discipline framework that promotes positive core values.

The school year begins with nearly 800 students enrolled in grades pre-kindergarten through fifth. We warmly welcome several new teachers to our school family. Their expertise, skills, and talents as members of our dedicated and highly qualified instructional team will greatly support our continuous efforts to accelerate our students academic proficiency levels.

Our mission is to provide effective and well defined learning experiences for each and every child. The rigorous curriculum is directly aligned to the Standards of Learning as well as best practices. The curriculum provides a solid foundation while allowing flexibility to meet our students needs. Teachers creatively integrate the use of technology in daily lessons and assigned projects. Our students are involved in active hands-on learning by providing a variety of choices or alternatives for the achievement of learning outcomes. Kagan strategies are also used to ensure engagement in every class as well as the use of creative and critical thinking skills taught throughout the curriculum.

We work to ensure student safety here at Falling Creek Elementary. Our school has a school-wide behavior program which is a proactive positive behavior program. For the first nine weeks of the school year students are taught the expected rules and behaviors in order to build personal responsibility for their behavior. Teachers and staff use consistent language that instills Panther Pride in our students. We continue to fine tune our plan to fit our student and school needs.

Our expectations are high and we work diligently to help our students achieve success. Our students enjoy school and our staff enjoys the students. We are proud of our outstanding staff, parental support, and community involvement. We believe in knowing each child by “name and need.” Our “We are a Team” approach has helped us become a Fully Accredited School.

The school strives to foster in each child a love of learning. We are committed to educating each child. Everyone truly has a heart for children and goes the extra mile to provide each student the best education possible.

Thank you for your interest in Falling Creek Elementary School. You are welcome to come by to meet with us, join our PTA, and volunteer your time and talents. We are confident that your involvement combined with our commitment to excellence will make this school year successful.

You can keep up with the great things happening at Falling Creek Elementary by following our Twitter and Facebook accounts as well as the other schools in Chesterfield by searching on #oneccps on Twitter.

~Pam Johnson