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Falling Creek Middle School

Chesterfield County Public Schools

PAWS Program

Falling Creek Middle School is able to provide free remediation and tutoring services in an afterschool program called P.A.W.S. The program is run and staffed by certified teachers and offers students an opportunity to get homework assistance, additional support in English and math, and the opportunity to participate in some special projects and enrichment activities. This program is designed to give support to students who want to bring up their grades and who want to actively participate in learning.

The program runs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 2:05 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. Each day your child will get a snack at the beginning of the program and dinner at the end. Transportation is provided for all students in the program through Chesterfield County School buses. Students who enroll in the program are expected to attend every day. Students are expected to actively participate in their efforts to improve their grades and their understanding of academic concepts as well as follow all school rules and to respect their teachers and peers. Students who do not demonstrate the desire to improve and to work cooperatively will be asked leave the program so that another student can be offered the opportunity to learn.

The P.A.W.S. program follows the school calendar and will only be held when school is in session and will not be held on early release days. Our program will begin in October

Space is limited to the first one-hundred students who return their form and are accepted into the program. Students who are not the first to respond will be put on a waiting list.

You will receive notification from the program director if your child is selected to participate and when their first day is.

  • Students apply for the program online or email [email protected]
  • Students applications are reviewed by the program directors and are chosen for this program.
  • Parents/Guardians will be contacted about next steps.

We have set requirements for which students are eligible for the program.

  • Students must have a positive teacher referral. The director will reach out to teachers for this.
  • Students must be motivated to learn and engaged in the program.
  • We accept students who need a little extra push to be successful in school. Students who are in honors will initially be put on a wait list and you will be contacted about their status.

Boys to Men

Boys to Men is a mentoring program offered through the PAWS program.

Game On, Girl!

Game On, Girl! is a 10-week after school program aimed at encouraging middle school girls to be physically active, nutritionally fit, and empowered to take on the world! Each week middle school girls will meet twice a week after school to learn a variety of sports and physical activities, how to be effective leaders in their communities, and how to fuel their bodies for success in a safe, noncompetitive environment.


At Falling Creek Middle School, our courtyard has a community garden. The PAWS program has adopted part of this garden for students to learn the skills necessary to have successful gardens. Students will get to plant, grow and nurture fruits and vegetables of their choice. Students will also get to pick out and grow flowers.

Lego Education

Students will explore different types of machine by modeling them with Legos. Students will explore solar energy, wind energy, pneumatic energy and kinetic energy.

Photo Editing

Students will take their own pictures and they will learn how professional artists edit photos.

Math Enrichment

In Math Enrichment, students will work in small groups with teachers to practice the math skills they need to pass the SOL test in the spring. Students will be provided with their completed workbooks before the SOL so they can study.

English Enrichment

In English Enrichment, students will read our bi-monthly subscription to Scholastic Journal News. Students will reflect on their reading and record it in their writing journals. Students will get the opportunity to discuss the current events they are reading about.