Feb. 17 is deadline for opening on School Board advisory committee

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Advisory committees established by the Chesterfield County School Board are one way community members connect with their local schools. Advisory committee members are appointed from each of the county’s five magisterial districts and include parents, teachers, staff members, students and others interested in helping Chesterfield County Public Schools achieve its vision of creating a better tomorrow. Advisory committee members who are appointed by the School Board must reside in the district they represent. Click the application button at bit.ly/BdCom to apply by Feb. 17 if you are eligible and interested in this opening:

Midlothian District seat on Citizens Budget Advisory Committee (partial term ending June 30, 2023)

The purpose of the Citizens Budget Advisory Committee is to help the Chesterfield County School Board evaluate and allocate resources to ensure a high-quality, effective and efficient school division.

The duties of the advisory committee are to:

  • Participate in training/review activities related to the Chesterfield County Public Schools strategic plan, financial policies and budget process to have a better understanding of CCPS priorities, historical expenditures, staffing and performance data and projected revenue and expenditure activity.
  • Collaborate with Chesterfield County Public Schools staff members during development of the operating budget and capital improvement plan to advise the School Board on resource allocations and complete board requested or approved research projects including a formal report with recommendations to the School Board, as needed.
  • Review the superintendent’s proposed budget including projected revenue and expenditure activity and provide recommendations on options to compensate for variances.
  • Initiate, upon the School Board’s request, any study on specific topics or issues. The Citizens Budget Advisory Committee may also suggest topics or issues to address, with the concurrence of the School Board.
  • Present written reports that may include recommendations to the School Board that address the specific topic or issue requested by the School Board for study or recommendations.

Under Virginia’s open government requirements, meetings are generally required to be held in person. If you are unable to meet in person, please note that in your application under “availability for meeting attendance.” For more information about specific committees or to apply, go to bit.ly/BdCom. To view upcoming meeting dates, go to tinyurl.com/FY22AdvisoryCommitteeSchedule.

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