Federal pass rates on Standards of Learning tests

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The Virginia Department of Education today released Standards of Learning pass rates for every school district in Virginia. The pass rates are based on federally required SOL tests administered during the 2021-22 school year.

“There is a lot to celebrate in these numbers,” said Superintendent Merv Daugherty. “Last year was our first full year of in-person instruction since COVID-19, and scores improved. In every academic area, Chesterfield pass rates are higher now than a year ago. History and math pass rates in particular are much improved. Moreover, in all of the smaller reporting groups except two our pass rates are also higher this year compared to last year. I am proud of what our teachers and students are accomplishing, and we will continue to do what’s best for all kids.

“There is still work to do as we continue to focus on curriculum and instruction. Our strategic plan will guide our work over the next several years,” he said.

A detailed chart for Chesterfield County Public Schools accompanies this news release. Here are the federal pass rates for all CCPS students:

                                                   2020-21     2021-22      change

English: reading                            64               71                 7

English: writing                             61               63                 2

History and social sciences         51               64               13

Math                                             52               62               10

Science                                          60               64                 4

The federal pass rates released today do not affect state school accreditation; the Virginia Department of Education is expected to release state information in late September.

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