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Chesterfield students may take high school credit classes in the core subject areas of math, science, English, social studies, as well as health and physical education (Drivers education is not offered, so please work with your school for this requirement.), economics and personal finance, sociology, psychology and forensic science. Courses are available for a full year and summer session. All courses require an exam and/or an SOL when needed. We work with your home school and school counselor to ensure that students are completing all work. A student may be removed from a course if they are not regularly completing all work. At the completion of the course, all grades are a part of the student’s official transcript. Out-of-county students must request a transcript to be added to their official transcript in their resident school records.

There is not a fee for Chesterfield County students during the regular school year, and honors-level courses are available in several subjects. There is a fee for students to take a course through CCPSOnline for the summer session. Students outside our school division will have a fee charged for both school year and summer session classes. The Virginia Department of Education has approved Chesterfield County Public Schools as a
multi-division online provider, which allows students from other school divisions to take courses through CCPSOnline; the NCAA has approved CCPSOnline as a nontraditional program.

Please visit our website for information regarding registration, classes, any applicable fees and contact information:

What is PACE? #

PACE is a centralized program offered through CCPSOnline that allows students to complete high school course requirements in an accelerated format. Schools identify students who, for a variety of reasons, require personalized solutions to meet their anticipated graduation timeline. CCPSOnline works with the school to provide a licensed teacher, courseware and student supports. Ask your school counselor for details.

Updated on September 13, 2021
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