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Food and Nutrition Education Resources #

Because students are attending school virtually, Food and Nutrition Services has provided educational resources for families to help support their child in learning more about making healthy food choices should they choose to do so.

These activities are a fun way for children to learn more about nutrition and developing a healthy lifestyle, and they are not a requirement for students.

100120_Nutrition Nuggets_English DownloadPreview
100120_Nutrition Nuggets_Spanish DownloadPreview
100120_Teen Food and Fitness_English DownloadPreview
100120_Teen Food and Fitness_Spanish DownloadPreview
100220_Farm to School Month_English DownloadPreview
100620_Virginia Grown Apples Poster DownloadPreview
100720_VDOE Crunch Poster_Landscape DownloadPreview
100820_Harvest of the Month_Apples DownloadPreview
100920_Farmers Market Scavenger Hunt DownloadPreview
101220_NSLW Parent Infographic-Spanish DownloadPreview
101220_NSLW Parent Infographic_English DownloadPreview
101320_NSLW Activity Sheets DownloadPreview
101420_School Lunch Infographic DownloadPreview
101520_USDA School Lunch_English DownloadPreview
101529_USDA School Lunch_Spanish DownloadPreview
101620_USDA Meet MyPlate_English DownloadPreview
101620_USDA Meet MyPlate_Spanish DownloadPreview
101920_Coloring Book DownloadPreview
102120_WIC Fruits and Vegetables_English and Spanish DownloadPreview
102220_Virginia Produce Chart DownloadPreview
102320_Get-Kids-to-Eat-Vegetables-English DownloadPreview
102320_Get-Kids-to-Eat-Vegetables-Spanish DownloadPreview
102620_AG_Whats Growing On Newsletter_Fall DownloadPreview
102720_Benefits of Farm to School_English DownloadPreview
102720_Benefits of Farm to School_Spanish DownloadPreview
102820_Add More Vegetables_English DownloadPreview
102820_Add More Vegetables_Spanish DownloadPreview
102920_Focus On Fruits_English DownloadPreview
102920_Focus On Fruits_Spanish DownloadPreview
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