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Chromebook Shortcut Cheat Sheet

Here are some tips and tricks for using the Chromebook.

(Getting started note: ctrl + anything means to hold down the Ctrl button and another key.  Example: Ctrl + H would mean to hold down the Ctrl key and press H at the same time.)

  1. Chromebooks do not have a Caps Lock button, instead you have to use alt + search. To get the caps lock off, use alt + search again OR hit the shift key
  2. They also don’t have regular mouse buttons.  To right click, tap two fingers on the trackpad (that’s the black rectangular area where you drag your fingers to control the mouse).  
  3. Without mouse buttons, highlighting also works differently.  To highlight something on your screen, hold one of your fingers on the trackpad while dragging another finger.
  4. Frequently Used Chromebook Keys
    Look at the picture of your keyboard. Key buttons have been labeled F1 – F10.
  • decrease the volume  – F9
  • increase the volume – F10
  • mute sound-  F8
  • increase the brightness of the screen- F7
  • make the screen darker (decrease brightness)- F6
  • move forward in a browser- F2
  • move backward in a browser- F1
  • go full screen when watching a movie- F4
  • refresh the screen- F3
  • minimize the screen- F5
  • screenshot- ctrl + F5
  • screenshot portion of the screen- ctrl + shift + F5
  1. Split Screen Shortcut Alt + [
    This feature is great for students who need to watch a video and take notes on their Chromebook at the same time.  It’s also helpful if students need to watch their teacher in a virtual class meeting and look at their assignment/ resource at the same time.
  1. Other Helpful Chromebook Shortcuts
  • Ctrl + f =to find something in a doc (search feature)
  • Ctrl + t =open a new tab
  • Ctrl + w =closes the current tab
  • Ctrl + n =new window
  • Ctrl + p = print
  • Ctrl + c =copy
  • Ctrl + v =paste
  • Ctrl + o =opens files from student drive or downloads
  • Ctrl + ? =chromebook help
  • Ctrl + h = clear browsing history
  • Ctrl + j =access downloads
  1. Change their “selfie” image
  • Click on their pic at the bottom right corner of the screen
  • Go into “settings”
  • Scroll down until they see their pic
  • Click on their pic
  • Click on the camera icon
  • Take selfie 🙂
Updated on July 22, 2021
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