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Chronic Health Conditions

The parent or guardian of a student with a chronic health condition is key to the process of keeping the child safe at school. Parents are at the center of collaborating each year with the school nurse and student’s health-care provider to develop an emergency action plan for their child. The plan provides vital information to teachers and other staff members. Using guidelines from the school nurse, the parent talks with the student’s health-care provider to make sure all appropriate measures, including medication, are in place and that an updated individualized health-care plan is completed by a licensed health-care provider and provided to the school at the beginning of each school year

Parents must provide all medication and related supplies/equipment prescribed by the health-care provider. Parents are responsible for maintaining refills as needed throughout the school year.

Additional information and forms are available at and are included in the packets provided to parents or guardians of students with serious health conditions. School Board policy 4133 details how the school system serves students with serious health conditions. The policy can be found online at under the School Board tab in the School Board policies section.

Updated on August 2, 2022
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