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Clearing the Cache – Chrome

This quick video is going to show you how to clear the “history” on your chromebook which is your first step if you’re having trouble accessing Canvas, or any of the applications on your dashboard.

So you’re going to come up to these three dots in the top right corner and come down to history, and scroll over to the left and click “history” again.

On the left hand side come over to “clear browsing data” and you want to make sure that all three of these are checked: browsing history, cookies and other site data, and cache images and files. You also want to make sure that the time range is checked for all time. If this is the first time that you are clearing the history on your chromebook, it might take a few minutes.

Go ahead and click “clear data” this will log you out of any websites that you were already logged into.

Now we’ll come back to You will login to your student ID number and your password and it will bring you to your dashboard and hopefully that will solve the problem and you will be able to get into Canvas and the other applications.

Clearing the CACHE #

Clearing the CACHE - Spanish #

Updated on July 22, 2021
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