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Canvas provides an effective means of communication between home and school. Both students and parents can contact instructors through the Canvas Inbox. Additionally, parents can receive course updates and be notified of inbox activity through notification preferences, which can be set to provide immediate notification or to provide a daily or weekly summary.

Parent & Guardian Canvas Communication #

Below you will find the following instructions:

  1. How to access the Canvas Inbox
  2. How to turn on Canvas Notifications

Instructions for Accessing and Utilizing the Canvas Inbox #

Prior to Accessing the Inbox: Parents and guardians must have signed up as an observer in their students’ Canvas account before they will be able to access the inbox. Go to the “Parent Account Creation + Access” tab for directions on how to create a parent account in Canvas if you have not already.

Step One: Navigate to You will see the screen on the right. 

Step Two: Enter your credentials and click the Log In button.

Step Three: Select “Inbox” in the global navigation menu.

Step Four: Begin a Conversation. Conversations are the primary method of communication in Canvas. Both students and parents can use conversations to communicate with teachers.

To start a conversation, click on the “Compose a new message” button.

Step Five: Create and send your message. Select the appropriate course and teacher from the dropdown menus. Type your subject and message, and then click send. 

Instructions for Turning on Canvas Notifications #

Step One: Navigate to You will see the screen on the right. 

Step Two: Log in using your credentials.

Step Three: Select Account from the global navigation menu.

Step Four: Select Notifications from the inner menu.

Note:  In notification preferences, the left column indicates the items for which parents can receive notifications, and the right column indicates notification frequency. 

There is a key to the frequency icons at the top of the page. Frequency options include: “Notify me right away,” “Send daily summary,” “Send weekly summary,” and “Do not send me anything.”

Step Five: To turn on notifications for inbox messages, scroll down to “Conversations,” and find the line “Conversation Message.” In the right column, choose your preferred frequency by clicking the appropriate icon. The frequency will turn green once selected.

Follow the same procedure for setting additional notifications if desired.


Video Instructions #

Video 1: Accessing the Canvas Inbox

Video 2: Turning on Canvas Notifications

Updated on July 22, 2021
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