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Elementary Student Backpack is where all students should begin their day. After logging in using their CCPS Student ID number and password, students will see what we call a dashboard of resources that work with our single sign-on. This will automatically log them into web applications. From the Dashboard, students will have access to Canvas, our Learning Management System, and other applications utilized by Chesterfield County. Canvas is where students will go to interact with their teachers, complete assignments, and join virtual lessons.

Some of our other Chesterfield County approved applications do not work directly with single-sign on. These are the programs that you will find when you click on the blue backpack icon on the dashboard. By clicking on the backpack, it will launch an application called Clever. Clever is the middleman that will connect CCPS resources to the dashboard and enables them to work with our single sign-on. So what’s in the backpack? The applications available in the backpack continue to grow. Some of them include Dreambox, a self-adaptive elementary math program; Lexia Core 5, a self-adaptive reading program, and myOn, a virtual library for students. Be sure to check out the dashboard and backpack resources to learn more about all of the applications that are available to you!

Elementary Student Backpack Tour #

Elementary Student Backpack Tour - Spanish #

Updated on July 22, 2021
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