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As defined in our strategic plan, Imagine Tomorrow, the CCPS core value equity ensures fair and unbiased access to all resources and opportunities. This is present in our core value commitments:

  • Create a culture open to different backgrounds and accepting of all voices and viewpoints
  • Recognize biases and identify acceptance and inclusion barriers to be removed
  • Demonstrate an appreciation of diversity and develop compassionate relationships
  • Be good stewards of resources that support opportunities for all
  • Hold high expectations while understanding challenges and identifying strengths

The effort to remove barriers has resulted in a number of accomplishments as it relates to access and opportunities for our students and overall school communities. These accomplishments include:

  • PSAT for all students in grades 8-11 and SAT College Day for all students in 11th grade
  • Serving more English learners at their home schools
  • Implementation of the revised gifted-identification process
  • Serving more gifted students near or at their home schools
  • Transparency of curriculum options to all parents in the 2021-22 Program of Study
  • Division emphasis on culturally responsive teaching
  • Parent support material in multiple languages through interpretation and translation options
  • Equitable seat allocation process for specialty center programs, career and technical education programs and Maggie L. Walker Governor’s school programs
  • Creation of a differentiated staffing model to address equity in human resource capital

In 2016, the Equity Committee, composed of Chesterfield County Public Schools educators and community members, provided transparency as well as guidance noted in the 2017 Equity Report. The role of the Equity Committee continues to address the remaining 11 recommendations with the understanding that the work of equity is the responsibility of all and strives to align the Equity Policy, Policy 1014, with all other CCPS policies. The policy can be found online at under the School Board tab in the School Board policies section.

In 2020, the division’s Equity Design Team was formed. The Equity Design Team, which consists of a diverse group of Chesterfield County Public Schools leaders (knowledge, insight, influence), works collectively to explore structural, institutional and individual root causes to address systemic inequities. Additionally, each Chesterfield County school has an equity lead who serves as a liaison to schools and supports creating opportunities for further work as it relates to equitable considerations.

Updated on July 20, 2021
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