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Friday Update – September 4, 2020

Family Resource Hub #

Chesterfield County Public Schools families have spoken, and we are listening! Based on valuable feedback this past spring, we are pleased to announce the launching of our Family Resource Hub. This website is a new, one-stop shopping opportunity for resources and information that parents, families and community members can use to support student learning. 

Whether you need to quickly access support to help you better understand your child’s schedule, learn more about apps on their dashboard, troubleshoot their Chromebook, navigate Canvas or ParentVUE, or even help your child clear their cache, you will find it all on this site. If you are looking for information on Family and Community Engagement (FACE) office events like Tech It Out or K Ready, you’ll find them here, too. Even the Friday Family Updates will be on this site organized by date with each of the topics and resources within them being searchable. 

Thanks to the multiple departments and staff members who shared videos and resources, we now have a useful, easy to navigate reference for Team Chesterfield families all in one place. As the needs of our families change, this site will expand and update to best support those needs. So, what can we help you find today?

Want a quick tour of the Family Resource Hub? Watch this video to learn your way  around the new site.

K Ready! Website #

Did you know that 90 percent of a child’s brain has developed by the time they are 5 years old? Early learning has a lasting impact on a child’s ability to learn and succeed in both school and in life. 

Do you have a little one who will attend Chesterfield County Public Schools in the future? Do you want to make sure they are ready for “big school?” FACE has created a website that is filled with resources to support parents of all preschool age children and kindergarten students. 

Visit our K Ready! website to learn more about early literacy, math, STEAM, motor skills, and social emotional skills. Each section of the site includes information on why these early skills are so important and ways parents can help foster these skills in their children. You will even find videos of easy to do everyday learning activities in each of these categories that were created by CCPS staff and also Chesterfield community members.

CCPL Learning Pods #

Did you know that the Chesterfield County Public Library will be providing virtual learning and telework spaces for students and families? These learning pods will be at all 10 locations beginning Sept. 8. Visit for more info!

The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) is gearing up for a second season of VA TV Classroom, which debuted this past April.  This service provides over-the-air instruction for students without sufficient internet access to support online learning. VDOE and WHRO Public Media — with support from $200,000 in CARES Act funding — collaborated to produce content for a second season of the on-air school. The new broadcasts will provide instruction in English and mathematics for students in grades K-7. Lessons will incorporate concepts from other subjects, including science and history.

As the school year begins, there are many new challenges being faced by parents and children trying to navigate remote earning.Without the same support systems that are typically in place there are additional layers of complexity in addressing behavioral challenges in students. On Friday, Sept. 11 at 2:15 p.m. there will be a free 60-minute webinar hosted by Mental Health America.  The webinar will discuss: 

  • How to differentiate the impact of stress and trauma versus other learning issues and diagnoses.  
  • The impact of trauma/stress on the brain.
  • Practical strategies to instill resilience in ourselves and our children in order to build healthy, happy children even in the face of adversity

Register here.

Practical Parenting Tips Workshop #

Chesterfield Prevention Services and Virginia Cooperative Extension will be hosting another series of Practical Parenting workshops. These sessions will be filled with helpful information and ideas for parents on a variety of topics.

Register here.

SAFE Campaign Assistance Request #

SAFE (Substance Abuse Free Environment) in collaboration with Citizens Information Resources, Mental Health Prevention Services, Chesterfield County Public Schools and Chesterfield County Police Department was awarded $10,000 from Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority to implement an alcohol prevention community campaign to prevent the underage purchase, sell, and use of alcohol among minors. This campaign officially began on July 1, 2020, and is scheduled through May 15, 2021.

SAFE is currently recruiting high school-aged youth and adults to volunteer in this grant-funded project by assisting with its Project Sticker Shock and alcohol compliance checks campaigns. SAFE will pay youth a $50 stipend for participating in these initiatives!

Here is a brief description of the SAFE Project:

Project Sticker Shock:

Project Sticker Shock involves youth and adults, in the company of police officers from the Chesterfield County Police Department, to place stickers on alcohol beverage packaging sold in select off-premise licensed retailers in Chesterfield County. This project will be held in the afternoon, early evening, one or two times in the fall.   

Alcohol Compliance Checks:

Alcohol compliance checks involve undercover police officers accompanying youth during their visit to licensed stores to monitor youth as they attempt to purchase alcohol. If the clerk attempts to sell to the minor, the undercover officers will cite the clerk with an illegal sell. A virtual training (1 hour) will be held in the afternoon.  The compliance checks usually occur in 4-hour evening shifts in the fall and spring. 

For youth to participate in the above projects:

  •   All youth must be high school age;
  •   All youth must have parental consent to participate;
  •   Only youth between the ages of 16-19 can participate in the alcohol compliance checks;
  •   All youth who obtain parental consent can participate in Project Sticker Shock. 

*Youth and adult volunteers are required to participate in the one-hour training session to prepare them for their prospective roles in both initiatives.  

SAFE is requesting your assistance to help spread the word about this project and our recruitment process.  Please review the attached our SAFE recruitment flyer– for more information.

Promote the Vote #

The Chesterfield County Registrar’s Office is sweetening the pot in its quest for registered voters to become Officers of Election, offering a $100 bonus to poll workers selected to work during the Nov. 3 General Election – bringing their overall compensation for their work during Election Day to $250. 

Officers of Election are registered voters that play a vital role in ensuring the integrity of the election and assisting voters in having a successful and enjoyable voting experience. All potential officers must be registered voters in Virginia and can either live in or outside of the boundaries of Chesterfield County. 

Other duties include:

  • Greeting and providing directions
  • Helping voters that may not be able to leave their vehicle to vote
  • Checking in voters and issuing a ballot
  • Sanitizing communal areas within the polling place so they are safe for voters
  • Sitting and standing for long periods as well as being able to lift up to 40 pounds with assistance.

The day can be long, with a typical day for an officer working the polls beginning at 5 a.m. and ending when all votes are reported. However, the rewards are great – mainly using the experience as a teachable moment for your children, meeting new people who live in your community, or reconnecting with old friends. 

Sound enticing? We certainly hope so! To sign up to become an officer and for more information, go to or call 804-748-1471.

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