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Friday Update – April 23, 2021

After today, there are eight more Fridays left in the 2020-21 school year calendar. Eight!

While our teachers and schools are focused on finishing the year strong, Chesterfield County Public Schools also is focused on the future. Plans already are designed for summer school and to support students as they return to school on August 23 for the 2021-22 school year.

Here’s how to find more information about preparing for and supporting your child’s future:

FREE summer school

In-person and elementary virtual summer school offerings will be available June 28-July 22. Virtual courses for all middle and high school students, through CCPSOnline, will be held June 28-August 5.

Registration for elementary summer school is open now. Secondary summer school registration starts May 1. Students must be registered by June 1 to be eligible for door-to-door transportation.

Summer school is free (with three exceptions) and is open to all CCPS students for remediation or enrichment. To learn more, visit

Learning options for 2021-22

We continue to stress the importance of daily in-person attendance. We believe face-to-face instruction is best for students, given that students miss much more than academics when not in school. We have created safe learning environments during this international pandemic, as evidenced by the extremely low incidents of in-school transmission. Our schools are safe places for our students and staff.

The School Board received a presentation on our 2021-22 school year plans during its April 13 work session. The presentation is available here.

As noted in the presentation, we are offering students in K-8 an opportunity to attend a new Virtual Academy if they still do not feel comfortable returning to school. Students will learn synchronously online from home or another place of their choosing. They will work with a licensed CCPS teacher who may not be a teacher from their home school and likely will be in a virtual classroom with students from other schools. The school day will follow the traditional school day schedule with core courses and resource classes, as well as tiered student supports. Specialized programs (such as CBG) may not be available.

Families will decide whether to enroll in the Virtual Academy for just the first semester or the entire school year. If your K-8 student is interested in registering for the Virtual Academy for the 2021-22 school year, please use this registration form.

CCPSOnline is another option for secondary students. Additional information about that program can be found here. Registration for CCPSOnline ends July 9.

Supporting students through traumatic experiences #

The School Board, Superintendent, and entire school division share their condolences, thoughts, and prayers with those families impacted by the recent deadly fire in the Mayfield Estates area. Watching the community come together to support the Wright and Seaborne families reminds us how strong we are when we act as one CCPS family.

It is always sad and difficult when we lose a child or one of their family members. Members of our school-based and Central Office critical incident teams were available to support students and families during this tragic time. Those services will be available for as long as needed.

The student support services — provided by school counselors, social workers, psychologists, and other mental health support specialists — are available to any student throughout the school year. If your child or family is in need of support during a traumatic time, please contact your child’s school and let them know about your needs.

FACE FWD Film Festival: Screenagers --
The Next Chapter on April 27 #

The past year has caused many residual mental health stressors on families and children.  Stress, anxiety, sleep, and brain development are some of the topics that will be discussed in Screenagers: The Next Chapter.  This film, part of the FACE FWD Film Festival, will highlight personal stories of families from various backgrounds dealing with an array of emotional challenges. The documentary looks at the impacts of social media and screen time and provides various tips and strategies to empower families to become more resilient.  The film will be streamed on April 27 at 6:30 p.m. and will be followed by a brief panel discussion. More information about how to register can be found on the FACE FWD Film website.

Voices and Legal Process immigration forum on April 28 #

The Office of Family and Community Engagement (FACE) will facilitate stories of our current immigrant families throughout an upcoming series of panel discussions. Learn about the legal options immigrants have to obtain proper immigration status and discuss the many processes of legal immigration: sponsorship, obtaining visas, medical exams, etc. This FACE forum is designed to create healthy public discussions with the hope to provide understanding and tools to educate our communities on this important issue, often misunderstood. Please use this link to register for the April 28 virtual event.

Virtual CCPS Fine Arts Festival #

The Chesterfield County Public Schools annual Fine Arts Festival is open for fans of the arts.  Creativity, passion, hope, and communication are the themes for the unique virtual experience.  Chesterfield County Public Schools has always had a robust art festival, and this year the virtual festival is no exception. The festival highlights creative works from all of the schools and is a great place to explore the talents of our school community.

Kindergarten Registration: Class of 2034 #

Chesterfield County Public Schools’ kindergarten registration continues. Families will need to start the process by completing the online kindergarten preregistration form, located in the Hot Topics section of the school division’s website ( Families that cannot access or complete the online preregistration form are encouraged to contact their child’s home school for assistance.


Kindergarten is a big transition for little people.  Families can assist with any fears and create exciting and positive experiences for their preschooler to get “K-Ready.””Let’s Get K Ready!” is an ongoing newsletter for Chesterfield families to prepare new students for this big year.  Tips and strategies are highlighted here:

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