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Gifted Education

The Office of Gifted Education recognizes and identifies gifted learners and provides a comprehensive program that:

  • Delivers an appropriately differentiated instructional program responsive to student ability, assists students in actualizing potential to achieve personal success.
  • Provides a continuum of program service options.
  • Addresses social and emotional concerns.
  • Supports an educational environment that challenges gifted learners and enables students to perform at levels of excellence.
  • Facilitates the development of self-directed learners and development of talent.

Gifted elementary and middle school students are cluster-grouped with other identified gifted learners as possible. Students in grades 3-8 may further qualify to participate in a center-based gifted program. Advanced academic needs of gifted high school students are met through honors, Advanced Placement and dual-enrollment courses self-selected by students. In addition, high school specialty centers and regional governor’s schools exist to serve the different needs of gifted high school students by offering programs that concentrate on various disciplines. Teachers consider readiness, achievement and interests to modify curriculum and instruction while striving to provide an appropriate challenge.

For a student to be evaluated for possible gifted services, a referral form must be submitted by the individual wishing to refer a child. A link to the form is available at

Parents/guardians, community members, teachers or students may refer a child for gifted services; private and homeschooled students in second grade or higher also may be referred by following this referral process and testing at the school they would attend if currently enrolled. Referral forms must be submitted before the referral deadline for the child’s current grade level.

Updated on August 1, 2022
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