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Healthy Habits

Parents often ask, “How can we help our children succeed in school? What can we do?” Good news! There is a lot you can do to promote your child’s success in school. In fact, many of these healthy habits also translate to success in life. The key is to start healthy habits when your children are young, then these habits will follow them as they transition from school to college or career.

  • Start each day with a healthy breakfast.
  • End each day with a good dinner. Research indicates that families that eat dinner together are happier and healthier and their children do better in school.
  • Establish daily routines. Set a regular time and place for homework, prepare book bag before bed each night and establish a habit of reading together.
  • Promote the habit of good attendance because every day counts! Students cannot benefit from instruction if they are not in school. Good attendance includes coming to school on time and limiting early dismissals.
  • Managing stress is important for both children and adults. Help your student identify ways to manage times of stress through breathing exercises, meditation or other supportive activities.
  • Encourage your children to participate in sports, clubs and other after-school activities. Help them connect to school and build a positive community with others and build social and emotional awareness.
  • Connect with other parents at your child’s school, in local faith communities and in the neighborhood.
  • Encourage your child to give back to the community. We all want to make a difference. Helping others helps students understand that they have value and can contribute.
  • Get active as a family and explore the resources and opportunities that surround you. Central Virginia is full of wonderful natural resources, tons of historical sites and cool places to explore.
Updated on August 2, 2022
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