Family Resource Hub

Chesterfield County Public Schools

Initial Chromebook Log-in

Step 1 – Power up the Chromebook

Chromebook on button

Step 2 – If outside of school, connect to a wireless internet signal by clicking on the this icon found in the bottom right.

wireless icon

Step 3 – This screen will be showing if your student has never logged into this computer. Enter your student’s CCPS ID number (7 digits) and – example Click Next

Sign in to your Chromebook

Step 4 – Enter the student’s password. If you or your student do not know the student’s password. Contact your school for a password reset. During the school year this can be done by anyone of your student’s teachers. Until September 8, 2020, parent or guardian requests for student password resets can be made here.

enter your password

Step 5 – First time Google Users will be asked to accept the terms. Use the down arrow to access the accept button.

terms of service image
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