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Lexia: Logging in and Helping Your Child

Hi, this video is going to show you how to login to Lexia Core 5, one of the reading applications we use here in Chesterfield County and also how you can monitor your child’s weekly progress.  To start we’re at the Rapid Identity login page which can be found at
  1. To begin, put in your student ID & password.
  2. This will bring you to the Rapid Identity dashboard.
  3. Lexia is found in the backpack, so we’re going to click on the backpack button.
  4. Then choose, login with active directory.
  5. Other applications that can be found in the backpack include dreambox, and MyOn, but today we are going to focus on Lexia Core 5 so we will click on that button and the arrow. 
  6. This will bring you to your child’s Lexia homepage.
  7. At the top you should see your child’s name, in the middle box you will see a minute goal for the week. This student has a goal to complete 40 minutes on Lexia this week.
  8. You can see that he has already completed 21 minutes and he has 19 minutes to go to reach his goal.
  9. You’ll also notice that this yellow bar will fill up around the circle as your student completes minutes in Lexia.
  10. This is helpful for your student to monitor their own progress.
  11. You will also notice that it tells how many units your child has completed this week and what level of Lexia your student is currently on.
  12. If we come down to the left hand corner and click on the apple, you should see your child’s name, and grade.
  13. If we click on the gear and go to Student Information, again you will see your child’s name and grade as well as Lexia level.
  14. Please note that there is a button here for native language support.
  15. If your student needs support in their native language, you can choose which language your child needs the support in.
  16. When that native language is chosen, your child will have a button that they can push to hear instructions in that language after the English language directions play.
  17. When your child completes a level in Lexia, he or she will earn a certificate.
  18. This certificate celebrates your child’s progress and also gives families useful information.
  19. You will see “I Can” statements that tell you things your student is able to do independently and additionally, on each certificate you will find a piece at the bottom called “at home” This gives families some ideas of what you can do at home with your child to help them practice
Your child’s teacher can also provide you with more detailed Lexia information about your student’s progress. Students that meet their weekly minute goal on Lexia are much more likely to be reading on grade level and to reach their reading goals so have fun and keep using Lexia.

Helping your child with Lexia #

Helping your child with Lexia - Spanish #

Updated on July 22, 2021
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