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Chesterfield County Public Schools Login for Elementary

I hope that this video will help you log into your child’s Chesterfield County Public Schools learning dashboard. Okay, please open up your web browser so on my computer that is google chrome and now we are going to type in the web address.

  1. Please type in “m-y.c-c-p-s-n-e-t.n-e-t” (spell it out) and click enter to go to that web page.
  2. When this comes up, you or your child can log into their learning dashboard.
  3. Their username is their lunch number and they should have their password.
  4. If you are unsure of either of these, the username or password, please contact your child’s teacher.
  5. Once you have typed these in, click “go”
  6. Now that you have logged in you can see your child’s chesterfield county public schools learning dashboard
  7. They might need to use different resources listed on here. 
  8. The most popular are going to be google drive, Canvas, and the backpack.
  9. Today we are going to use the resources in the backpack.
  10. Click there.
  11. Now, this page will come up.
  12. The clever login page.
  13. Please click the four squares to continue.

Now you can see your child’s different resources and they can use these ones.

So, I am going to scroll down and we’re going to look at 3 of the main resources.

Remember to use Dreambox for Math, MyOn for reading, and Lexia core 5 for reading.

Accessing Canvas, myOn,& Lexia through the Student Dashboard #

Accessing Canvas, myOn,& Lexia through
the Student Dashboard - Spanish #

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