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Other food

Chesterfield schools encourage healthy snacks and limit celebrations that involve food during the school day. Many students have food sensitivities that can lead to life-threatening reactions. At home, parents can manage the foods their children are exposed to. Managing exposure at school is more challenging, so schools take reasonable steps to meet that challenge by asking all parents to follow four simple guidelines:

  • If you bring food to your child at school, do not bring food for anyone else’s child and do not share your food with any other child.
  • If you wish to send treats for other students, for a birthday or other celebration, send non-food treats such as pencils, bookmarks, etc.
  • Unless specifically asked to do so, do not send any food to school for consumption by other students.
  • Talk to your children about the problems associated with sharing food at school and discourage them from doing so.

If you have questions, it is best to ask your child’s teacher about guidance for food in the classroom.

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