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Parent input

Regular and meaningful communication among home, school and community is encouraged at every level in the school division.

  • Because family life education is first and foremost a function of the home, the curriculum is designed to encourage students to examine the family unit for values that build individual character and family stability and to strengthen communication within families. Parents and guardians have the right to review the family life education program, including written and audiovisual materials, and may excuse their child from all or part of family life education instruction. Detailed curriculum information is available online at
  • Virginia‚Äôs Standards of Learning include topics that may create differences of opinion. Instruction is designed to help students express themselves as individuals and grow as creative and independent thinkers while developing the core values of respect and responsibility. Despite the care the school system takes in writing curriculum and selecting learning resources and instructional strategies, parents or students may sometimes object to sensitive or controversial topics, books or resources. To engage in fair and meaningful communication about sensitive or controversial topics or policies, the School Board follows policy 3031, which is available online at under the School Board tab in the School Board policies section.
Updated on August 1, 2022
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