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Phones and personal devices

Schools may establish procedures that allow a student to possess, turn on and use a personal cellphone or other personal device while on school property during the instructional day. Schools may also establish in these procedures that violations may result in confiscation of the cellphone and repeated violations could result in the loss of these privileges and may result in before- or after-school detention or out-of-school suspension of up to 10 days.

A student found using a cellphone during any testing situation will have the cellphone immediately confiscated and will lose the privilege for the remainder of the school year. Any student who uses a cellphone for unlawful activity while on school property or while attending any school function or activity will be subject to disciplinary action that may include out-of-school suspension or a recommendation for expulsion.

Chesterfield County Public Schools is not responsible for lost or stolen personal cellphones or other personal electronic devices.

Updated on August 1, 2022
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