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School clinics

School nurses are part of the staff at every Chesterfield County school. School nurses are registered nurses who serve as health consultants for students, parents, school staff members and community members. Services include health education, health counseling, case management, communicable disease investigation and control, immunization assessment, medication administration, emergency medical care, first aid, education, screening and prevention programs.

Parents of students with health concerns such as asthma, diabetes, seizures, cardiac conditions or life-threatening allergies should contact the nurse serving the child’s school. Working with the parent, student, health-care provider, appropriate school staff members and community resources, the school nurse will address the health needs of the student.

In addition to school nurses, clinic assistants are also available in schools to handle minor illnesses, offer first aid, administer medication and help with other student health needs that occur during the school day. Parents or guardians are contacted when a student becomes ill or injured and are asked to make arrangements to pick up the student as soon as possible. In an emergency, the school will call 911.

Updated on August 2, 2022
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