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School libraries

The purpose of school libraries is to provide students and teachers with a wide range of educational and recreational materials on all levels of difficulty and in a variety of formats, with diversity of appeal, and allowing for the presentation of many different points of view.

  • At the elementary level, weekly library time is part of the resource cycle along with health/PE, art, music and STEAM or world languages. During weekly library time, students have lessons on topics related to research skills and digital citizenship. Students are also able to check out books.
  • At the secondary level, teachers may bring classes into the library for research or reading related to a class assignment. While library time is not built into the weekly bell schedule, secondary students are able to access the library and library resources for research or personal interests at any time.

Through the student dashboard (, all parents can access their students’ library accounts via the CCPS library catalog tool. 

Also, parents may choose to opt in to receive an email when their student checks out a book. The email will include title, checkout date and due date. Here is how parents may opt in:

  • Go to your school’s website and click the academics tab in the main navigation.
  • Click the library link.
  • On the library page, click the checkout notifications link.
  • Fill out the Google form to opt in for checkout notifications.

The process for opting in to parental notifications is also communicated annually with the start of school information and can be updated at any time.

Updated on August 2, 2022
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