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Student usernames and passwords

The student’s username is their student ID number. This number can be found in ParentVue and on report cards.

The first time that a student logs into a particular Chromebook, they will not see their profile on the home screen. When they click Add A User, they will need to enter the full user account name Student [email protected]Example: [email protected]

Change a student’s password #

  1. Use a computer to navigate to You do not need to be on a Chromebook in order to change the student’s password.
  2. Log-in using the student ID number for the username and the existing password.
  3. On the CCPS dashboard, click on Profiles
  4. Then click on Change Password and follow the directions

How to clear other profiles #

Removing an account from your Chromebook
If you wish to remove someone else’s account name from your Chromebook:

  1. On the Chromebook sign-in screen, select the profile you want to remove.
  2. Next to the profile name, select the Down arrow .
  3. Select Remove this user.
  4. In the box that appears, select Remove this user.

Password Reset Requests #

During the school year, this is done by the student’s teacher(s).

Updated on August 15, 2022
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