Fifth Grade
Language Arts

Fifth grade students will continue to apply a variety of reading comprehension strategies before, during, and after reading across content areas. Daily writing experiences will help develop their writing skills. Persuasive writing will be added to their list of written genres. Our goal is for each student to become independent and strategic readers, writers, thinkers, and communicators.


In mathematics this year, all fifth graders will focus on problem-solving strategies, logical, reasoning, algebraic thinking skills and analytical skills. Come May, students taking the 5th grade curriculum will take the 5th grade Math SOL test, and students taking the accelerated math curriculum will take the 6th grade Math SOL test.


Fifth grade science students are in for a big SOL year. This year’s SOL will cover material from both 4th and 5th grade curriculums. Students will learn about more challenging topics such as: sound, light, atoms, molecules, elements, compounds, cells, distinguishing characteristics of organisms, oceans, and geography. What an exciting time for our 5th graders!

Social Studies

The World Studies curriculum serves as a bridge between the study of the ancients in second and third grades and the world history courses in high school. Fifth graders will study Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Students will also study five regions of the world and apply concepts of geography, civics, and economics to their everyday life.


Kate Congleton


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Payton Boyer


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