Fourth Grade
Language Arts

Fourth grade students will apply a variety of reading comprehension strategies to enhance understanding in all content areas. Students will continue to work on fluency and accuracy. They will also practice writing narrative, descriptive, and expository pieces.


Fourth grade math will challenge our students with problem solving, data collection/analysis, and algebraic thinking. Major topics will include double-digit multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, and geometry. Some students will also have the opportunity to accelerate their math instruction. These students will explore several 5th grade concepts as they prepare for the 6th grade math SOL next year.


The fourth-grade Science standards stress the importance of using information, analyzing data, validating experimental results, and defining variables. Questioning and hypothesizing become more detailed at this level. Students will study plants, animals, ecosystems, weather, force/motion, electricity, solar system, and resources through hands-on experiences.

Social Studies

Last but not least, in Social Studies students will study Virginia’s history from 1607, the establishment of Jamestown, to current day. They will also analyze how geographic features, economic systems and cultural groups have influenced our state.


Sandy Albert


Dana Brown


Amy Buck


Mary Ellen Finnimore


Katie Kersten

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