Kindergarten is an amazing year! Our Kindergarten students will start the school year as a member of a small, protective community in their classroom. By the end the year they discover they are part of much larger community, Gordon Elementary. Throughout the year they will be developing self management skills and good work habits which will establish a strong foundation for the rest of their school years.

Language Arts

Kindergarten students will be immersed in a print-rich environment to learn basic phonetic principles, letter identification skills, sight words recognition, and reading comprehension strategies. This discovery process will be accomplished through direct instruction, individual/small group activities, and time spent exploring books and other forms of print.


In Mathematics, building strong concepts related to number is an important focus in kindergarten. Hands-on, interactive approaches are used to develop number sense, measurement, and geometry concepts. Problem solving strategies are developed through activities that allow comparing, counting, and recognizing patterns.


Kindergartners will begin to develop an understanding that scientific knowledge is based on evidence. They will use their senses to gather information and apply questioning, measuring, sorting, classifying and communication skills. Through hands-on activities, they will explore magnets, water, shadows, weather, plants, natural resources and conservation.

Social Studies

Last but not least, students will cover a broad range of topics in Social Studies. They will explore history as it relates to events and people of other times and places; learn to identify patriotic symbols; develop an appreciation of acts of patriotism; learn the concepts of self-control, good citizenship, needs, and wants.

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