Teacher of the Year

Congratulations Mrs. Harton!

We are pleased to announce that our 2020-2021 Teacher of the Year is one of our first grade teachers, Mrs. Harton. We all appreciate her dedication and support for the students, faculty, and staff of Gordon Elementary School.

Previous Teachers of the Year:

2019-20 Reagan Montgomery
2018-19 Dena Brown
2017-18 Leslie Lenhart
2016-17 Sandra Albert
2015-16 Lenora Dean
2014-15 Jim Wright
2013-14 Cathy Harrington
2012-13 Kathy Snead
2011-12 Terri Cooper
2010-11 Josie Whisler
2009-10 Tamara Nicely
2008-09 Leslie Lenhart
2007-08 Sarah Warner
2006-07 Joyce Solomon
2005-06 Meredith (Byrnes) Daley

Portrait of Ms. Harton