Teacher of the Year
Portrait of Cheryl Seaton

Congratulations Cheryl Seaton, 2023 Teacher of the Year

Cheryl Seaton is an exceptional Gordon educator. She has taught collaborative first grade for several years, including being the team leader. Cheryl prides herself in knowing and loving her students. She works tirelessly to build relationships with staff, students and families. She invests time outside of the building to attend student activities, sports and more. She supports county and school initiatives by engaging in extra learning and development. She has created everlasting relationships with her students, embracing family and a Team Seaton community.
Portrait of Jenna Burks

Congratulations Jenna Burks, 2022-2023 Teacher of the Year

I admire Jenna Burks for her continued innovative and engaging methods of reaching her students. Her specific student-focused teaching practices meet all of her students’ individual needs in her Aligned Standards of Learning classroom. Ms. Burks works diligently to build her students’ stamina of being pushed into the general education classrooms. She has successfully transitioned two students from ASOL to general education. Ms. Burks always has a positive attitude even when challenges arise. Her determined and energetic approach to teaching is one to be admired.

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