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Fourth Grade
Language Arts

Reading, writing, reading, writing, connecting, conversing, connecting, conversing!!!! OH, what a JOY 4th grade language arts will be for you!! We cannot wait to share some incredible novels, stories, articles, and poems with you this year and facilitate your growth as an author. That’s right – I said YOU will be an author!!! We want you to connect meaningfully to what you read and talk about it! Then we want you to write about what you read and learn from the authors you read about how to use interesting, descriptive language to record your own thoughts and stories in organized narratives. You will have an opportunity to learn how our English language has borrowed words from other languages and you will become SO word-wise that prefixes and suffixes will quake when they see you coming!! Grab a book, e-book, magazine, poem, play, website, pen, pencil, keyboard – we’ll even take a crayon or a marker if you want to write with it!! – come read, write, connect and converse with us!!!


Fractions. Multiplication. Geometry. Measurement. Division. Problem Solving. Fun. Elapsed Time. Probability. Algebra. Okay, so do any of the words from the preceding list NOT belong? The answer is a resounding NO! These are all topics that we will be covering in 4th grade math and advanced math this year and let me tell you, they are incredibly interesting and FUN! Honestly, 4th grade math is challenging, but that is part of the enjoyment. Let’s set the mental framework – riding a two-wheel bike (for most of us J) took some work. We didn’t hop on and just take off the first time we tried. Several of the skills in 4th grade math will be like that, and we want to encourage you, right now, before you hop on, to stick to it!!! We KNOW you can do it and that you’ll be whizzing around with all of the 4th grade math skills and having FUN with a bit of work and practice!!


Calling all scientists! What an exciting year we have in store as we use scientific inquiry skills while studying a variety of topics! We’ll begin by investigating the plant kingdom and then use this knowledge as we discover how plants interact with their ecosystems. You will have an opportunity to question how animals adapt to their habitats and get their needs met. From here we’ll study weather’s impact on our lives and how the water cycle contributes to Virginia’s watersheds. Shockingly, you will get to create electrical circuits during our study of electricity and really get energized when we delve into force, motion, and energy! Finally, you’ll have an out of this world experience as we take off with our investigation of our solar system and how it functions! Whew!! Get your lab coats and goggles! This year rocks! (Well, actually, rocks are in FIFTH grade…)

Social Studies

Welcome to 4th grade Social Studies! You will learn about your state’s history (and, because our state is Virginia, your country’s history). You will learn about Virginia’s five scenic and diverse regions, travel in history from the founding of Jamestown, through the American Revolution, Civil War, Reconstruction, and Civil Rights Movement and get a taste for the innovations developed by 20th century Virginians. You will be amazed to meet the brave men and women who shaped Virginia: the Powhatans, Cherokee, and Monacans, Captain John Smith and Pocahontas, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, General Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, the young, idealistic students who marched for Civil Rights, and Maggie L. Walker just to name a few! So many Virginians who were simply regular people became great through their commitment to and belief in freedom! It’s an exciting year! Pack your bags, open your heart and mind – you have a passport for time-travel on the Grange Hall 4th Grade Virginia Studies Express!! We expect you will be amazed!