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Language Arts

All aboard for a fun filled year in our Kindergarten language arts program. We will be discovering the world of print all around us and learning how we use print everyday as we learn to identify all the letters of the alphabet and learn to connect the letters to the sounds they make. Much of this discovery is explored through wonderful stories and books that are shared in class. We will be learning many strategies to help us better understand the stories we hear and read. We will respond to these stories through drama, drawing and writing. Not only will we be listening to a variety of books, but students will begin to read! It does not get much more exciting than that. A whole new world will be opening up to them. Students will also be writing and learning how to communicate their thoughts and ideas with others.


Patterns, counting, money, shapes, calendar and developing a concept of number, oh my! These are all areas of math we will be exploring in kindergarten this year. This discovery is made possible through direct instruction and lots of opportunities to explore these concepts through hands-on activities. 1, 2, 3 let’s go!


I can see, hear, taste, smell and touch. Our kindergarteners will be observing the world around them as they learn about their senses and how to use their senses like a scientist. We will be observing magnets, water, shadows and weather and discussing how these things change and what causes them to change. We will also be studying the life cycle of plants and animals. Much of our exploration and observations include hands-on activities and experiments. We will be visiting the pumpkin patch, zoo and observing our very own pill bugs and sow bugs in the classroom.

Social Studies

So much to learn about and to explore! Our kindergarten year will begin with a focus on developing citizenship qualities. We will learn how to be a part of a classroom and students will take part in developing our classroom rules. This will help develop a strong foundation for getting along with each other all year long and emphasize our core values of honesty, respect, responsibility and accountability. We will be learning about historic people who had a role in developing our country, as well as important patriotic symbols. Maps and globes will be introduced, and global awareness will be emphasized. Our students will be learning basic economic concepts, such as needs, wants and saving for the future. To round out our kindergarten year, we will learn about community helpers and how they help our community run smoothly.