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Librarian: Rebecca Schneeberger
Library Hours:
9:05 – 3:30
Phone Number:
(804) 739-6270

All students are permitted to come to the library all day, every day. Our only rule is…when the door is closed, do not enter. While visiting the library throughout the day the students can exchange/return library books, take AR quizzes, or complete research.

All students are encouraged to check out books on a weekly basis.

Kindergarten: 1 Everybody book

First – Fifth Grade: 1 Everybody/Fiction book on their level and/or 1 Nonfiction book (2 total books)

Fifth graders at Grange Hall Elementary are presented an opportunity to participate in an exciting and motivational literature program entitled Battle of the Books (BOB). The intent of the program is to encourage recreational reading, to increase familiarity with authors and genres, and to have students experience the fun of a friendly competition as they recall information from each book. This program is voluntary and all fifth grade students may participate.

Twenty books are carefully chosen by many Chesterfield County School librarians and reading specialists. Ten of the titles are released in the summer for the students to get a summer jump on. In late September/early October the remaining titles are presented to the students. At this time an explanation letter will be sent home with all of the fifth grade students. To be a member of the GHES Battle of the Books team each students must read at least 10 of the 25 titles. They are also responsible for taking the Accelerated Reader (AR) quiz and pass with the quiz with a 70%. The students have until the end of January to read the 10 books.

All of the students who qualify by reading the 10 or more books will be placed on a GHES team. After three practices and a school competition we will pick 8 students to represent our school at a county competition against Spring Run Elementary and Alberta Smith Elementary. All students will attend the county competition, receive a BOB t-shirt, and enjoy a culminating celebratory lunch.

The Grange Hall Elementary Library has been able to add many books to our collection yearly because of the Birthday Book Celebration. We invite all students to participate in the Birthday Book Celebration. For $20.00 your child will be invited to one of our four seasonal birthday celebrations in the cafeteria. Your child will choose a new book to be dedicated in their name, enjoy a Ukrop’s Bakery cupcake and a small water bottle. (If your child has an allergy, you may provide an appropriate treat. There is a spot on the form below to check if your child is permitted to enjoy the cupcake and juice provided for the celebration.), be sung to, and be the first student to check out their special book.

After your child has enjoyed the book at home, they can return it to the library so that other Grange Hall Elementary students can enjoy their special dedicated and donated book!

Your child will receive the Birthday Book Celebration participation form in their beginning of the year envelope. Simply fill out the form for each individual child and send it to school with your child. If you misplace this form or would like to join the celebration later in the year, feel free to print out the form on this page.