Dear CCPS Families and Students,

This summer you are invited to join Team Chesterfield and stay connected to learning by taking part in Going For Gold 2020, a summer learning challenge. Students can compete individually and as a member of one of five CCPS teams. These teams represent the values of the Olympics:

Joy of Effort – Challenge yourself and others through movement, games and sports.

Balance – Use physical movement to create a balance between body, will and mind.

Pursue Excellence – Try to become the best at whatever you do.

Fair Play – Play fairly, and respect rules; don’t cheat; help others.

Respect Others – Accept and respect diversity among people and cultures.

Your student will have access to myON, a student-centered, personalized literacy environment which includes an engaging collection of more than 6,000 digital books. As students read books, the time spent and books completed will be automatically tracked and counted towards both individual and team scores. In addition, students have an opportunity to earn points by participating in virtual and in-person activities, learning about the Olympics and reading any books of choice. See the “On Your Mark” tab in the drop down menu at the top left of this site to learn how to get started.

We hope you find this program as exciting as we do and you will join us in investing in your students’ literacy success.

On you mark, get set…GO LEARN!

Don’t forget to join in on the summer programming at the Chesterfield County Library this summer! They also have learning opportunities in store. Check out their website for more information by visiting this link.

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