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How to Earn Points in the CCPS myON Going for Gold Summer Learning Challenge
  1. Reading myON Books- Every time you read a book in the myON app, it is recorded. This will give you automatic points.

  2. Reading Books of Your Choice- If you read a book from home or the library this summer (not myON) complete this Going For Gold Summer Learning Challenge form for a point.

  3. Complete a Going for Gold Learning Activity- Receive a point for every activity that you complete from the Going for Gold Summer Learning Ideas sheet (see below). Open the document in a new window so that the links will work. Share your work via the Going For Gold Summer Learning Challenge form.

  4. Take a Virtual Field Trip and Reflect- Take a Virtual Olympic Trip tab on this site and complete a reflection activity about your trip. You will find the reflection activities on the Virtual Field Trip page. Fill out the Going For Gold Summer Learning Challenge form.

Summer Learning Idea Sheet
  • Complete an idea from the document below to earn a point towards a medal! Submit the Going For Gold Summer Learning Challenge form every time an activity is completed.

  • Do you want to keep track of points you submit? Make a copy of this Google Sheet to record your goals, activities, and books that you read. When you open the link select the blue button “Make a Copy”.

 1.  Complete activities to earn points towards a Bronze, Silver or Gold Medal! 

2. Fill out the activity form at

3. Share what you are doing on the Going for Gold Flipgrid to inspire your fellow learning Olympians too! (Not required, but FUN!) 

Move Your Body and Learn!

Take your dog for a walk/jog and then read to your dog! Play Martha the Dog games here.


Got sidewalk chalk? Create an image of yourself doing an Olympic feat! Share your photo with #oneCCPS on Facebook or Twitter with your parents help and permission!


Read about your fav sport then create an obstacle course in your yard, house or sidewalk incorporating an aspect of your sport.


Play Flashlight Tag or other “spooky” games with family and friends!


Look up “Celebrations” or “Parades” on myON and learn about different cultures. Have an Olympic parade and summer Olympic events in your yard! Get inspired here.


Exercise Your Mind and Learn!


Do you like animals?  Look for animal books in myON! What Olympic skills does your favorite animal have?  Check out this cool website to learn about Olympic animals!


Search for and read about “extreme sport” books on myON. Play a video game about an extreme sport here.


Read about a country that participates in the Olympics. Learn about the flags and color some by printing out flags at this link.


Read about the Ancient Olympics on myON. Print out this word search and this other word search for the Summer Olympics to find words.


Create and Learn!


Swimmer Michael Phelps can eat 12,000 calories a day! Picnic and read! Grab a book, lunch, and a blanket and head outside. Check myON for books about food and recipes! Try out a recipe and take a photo of your dish! Share on social media! 


Search “Greek Gods” on myON. Read a book about a Greek god and draw an avatar of the god.

Read a mystery in myON. 


See this virtual exhibit on American sports and athletes on stamps and then design an Olympic stamp. Learn about the Olympic rings here.


Search myON and read about Respect, Effort, Joy, Fair Play and Balance-the Olympic themes. Create an art piece inspired by your reading.


Get shape inspired by searching for books on shape inmyON. Recreate the Olympic Rings creatively (paint, food, paper, legos).



In myON, go to “Browse” -“About Me”-“Character Education”. Read a book on a trait.  Create a poster and slogan to advertise why that trait is important. Try this activity and create slogans for some of your favorite things.


Read a book and create a comic strip about a character or the main plot! Try out this comic creator.


Write and Learn!


Check out the news section of myON. Look for articles on the Olympics. Read and share your knowledge in a newspaper article. Use this Google Doc newspaper template. Read your article to a family member.


Select the “Browse” tab of myON. Find and read a book that interests you. Write a letter to your favorite character . Learn about letter writing here.


Search myON for books on medicine and pandemics. Write a poetry slam or haiku about the pandemic and how it has affected your family.  Share it on the Going for Gold Flipgrid.


Wilma Rudolph, a sprinter in the 1960 Olympics, was nicknamed the Black Gazelle, Flash, and The Tornado. If you were in the Olympics, what would your nickname be? Write a story about why and share it on the Going for Gold Flipgrid.


Call a friend and read a book together! Then write a slam poem about the book. Share it on the Going for Gold Flipgrid by selecting the green “Add a response”symbol


While reading a book, write down new or interesting words. Create art or a word cloud with these words.



Read and Learn!


To be a great athlete, you have to practice. To be a great reader, you have to practice. Read a couple pages of a myON book out loud. Read with voice and expression. Try using Audacity (on your Chromebook)  or WeVideo (on your Chromebook) to record your voice!


Athletes have to be FAST. Find an easy reader in myON. Practice reading/rapping the story fast paced. If rapping were a sport the current record is 280 words per minute. Try using Audacity (on your Chromebook) or WeVideo (on your Chromebook) to record your voice!

Athletes have special  housing at the Olympic event. Can you make an indoor fort with blankets, sofa cushions, and/or a table? A perfect reading spot!

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