Fifth Grade

In fifth grade we ROAR! Our goal is to build a community of learners around our Greenfield values of Responsibility, Ownership, Attitude, Respect and Safety.Our approach to learning is student driven, with emphasis on student inquiry, discovery, and connections. Students learn through meaningful investigation, collaboration, and inquiry. Through small group instruction in reading and a workshop model in mathematics, we are able to meet students where they are and differentiate for all learners to move forward. Our goal is for students to become self-directed, independent learners.

Amanda Kehoe –
Jill Lutz –
Bridget Phipps –


Our goal in mathematics is for all students to become competent problem solvers and logical thinkers.
Students should understand the “hows” of math, but more importantly the “whys” of math. Math instruction incorporates small group learning, hands on activities to make the connections from concrete to abstract understanding, as well as whole group instruction. In order to give depth of understanding, students are asked to justify and explain their mathematical procedures and answers, in words and writing.


Making science as hands on as possible through a variety of experiments is the goal of our science curriculum. Students are excited to implement scientific investigation as we learn about Matter, Animal Kingdoms, Sound, Light, Geology and Oceans.

Social Studies

Our social studies curriculum centers on Global Awareness through the study of world cultures. Students explore the history and cultures of countries from all the continents. The impact of geography on culture and history is an anchor for our learning, using the Five Themes of Geography. Historic as well as current world events are addressed as we explore our place in the Global Community.