Fourth Grade

Welcome to 4th grade!  In 4th grade, we encourage our Dragons to always show their ROARS behaviors and to be self-directed learners! 

Language Arts

We expose our students to different genres and help them to develop important reading skills that allow them to be a successful reader.   The students will work in whole group, guided reading groups,literature circles, and independently to achieve their reading goals. Reading and writing skills support an increased emphasis on context-area learning which is a vital part of the 4th grade curriculum.


In math, students are grouped in a regular grade level class, or an accelerated math class. The standard level class is taught 4th grade skills, and the accelerated class is taught all of the 4th grade skills and most of the 5th grade skills. Instruction includes whole group, small group, games, activities, technology integrated/enhanced instruction and problem solving.


In science, we explore the worlds of the Scientific Investigation, Weather, Plants and Animals, Electricity, Force and Motion, and Space.

Social Studies

In Virginia Studies, we teach our students about the wonderful state of Virginia.  Virginia Studies gives students the opportunity to understand Virginia’s history from the cultures of native people, founding of Jamestown to the present. Geographic, economic, and civic concepts are within the context. Students develop the skills needed to analyze, interpret and demonstrate their knowledge of important events in our history. They learn of the contributions made by many people of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.